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Economic Reactions to the Covid-Crisis

A discussion from the 6 April 2021, organised by the AkG and transform! Europe. What were the economic reactions of the EU Member states to the Covid-19 Crisis? What did these states do in 2020 to support their economies during the pandemic? And which barriers to interventions, such as the restrictive rules regarding state aid, had to be suspended to

Hotel City Plaza: The City as Site Of Solidarity

A discussion on the occasion of the recently published book: Die Stadt als Stätte der Solidarität The Hotel City Plaza in Exarcheia, Athens was left abandoned after a disorderly bankruptcy in 2010. Six years later, new life was breathed into the building when it was squatted and became a self-organized structure for hosting refugees and migrants. Between 2016 and 2019,

We’re not in it together

An Online Panel about Global Labour in the Pandemic organized by the Working Group on Labour Struggles of the German Association for Critical Social Research and the Global Labour Journal. The Panel is part of the AkG event series Gesellschaftsforschung in Zeiten sozialer Distanzierung (Social research in times of social distancing). The COVID-19 pandemic is intrinsically linked to the way

Wir bluten, seht her!

Die Monatsblutung ist noch immer mit Scham behaftet. Das ist kein Zufall, sondern hängt mit patriarchalen Strukturen zusammen. Die neue Folge der Reihe NO SHAME SESSIONS des schwankveiber-Podcasts widmet sich den unverblümten Erfahrungen von und mit Menstruation. Es geht um Leistbarkeit von Periodenartikel, Werbung mit der blauen Flüssigkeit und Männer, die ihre Probleme und Lösungen zum Thema an Frauen* verkaufen